Smiths, Wrights and a Daniels

Twofer Tuesday here for you and I have to confess that I didn’t really plan it the way it has turned out. Initially, I had thought to do something on the Smith Brothers as in the guys responsible for those cherry flavored cough drops.

They came to my mind as I was restocking the Buzzy candy case the other day, and I recalled how Buzzy used to have the cough drops positioned on the top shelf over in the corner of the case. And while I remembered all of that pretty well, I mistakenly thought that they were called Wright Brothers Cough Drops. Thus, when I went looking for info on Wright Brothers cough drops, the smarter-than-me Google machine asked if I meant Smith Brothers Cough Drops. Ah, yes , now I remember.

In my defense making this mistake however, I had just seen something yesterday saying that it was on 30 January 1948 that Orville Wright died. I guess the Wright Brothers were on my mind as I confused the airplane fellas with the cough drop dudes.

But now diverted from the Smith boys, I continued to read all about Wilbur and Orville’s exploits. It’s quite a story how they started out and eventually developed what we now know as the flight industry. Fascinating story too of how they fought all sorts of patent and lawsuit battles along the way.

That said, however, near the end of their story when I read about Orville’s passing from a heart attack, something else caught my eye:

Here is that famous photo by Mr. Daniels:

For more info on Daniels and how he came to take the photos (click here.) Stop by Buzzy’s later and we will have a drink in John T.’s memory.

Musically, lets do some 5th Dimension:

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