Buzzy February Birthdays

Some important Buzzy birthdays this month as follows:

Lisa Mercure the 5th, Jennifer Adkins the 6th, Linda Lepper the 10th, Rachel Miller the 12th, Cousin Lorraine Teefey the 17th, Chris McKay and my nephew JC Hofmeister the 19th,  Pat Stover the 20th, my Father-in-law Sol Aroesty on the 21st, Brianna Ridgell on the 21st, my nephew Stephen Taylor on the 27th; and Pat Guy the 28th. 

Other big days in February include the Super Bowl set for 12 February which also happens to be Abe Lincoln’s and my birthday. I may do something to celebrate one of those events depending on the weather (as in whether or not) I am up for accepting the fact that I will be 72 years old! The only consolation that I have is that at least I outlived Abe who went outta here at 56 years of age through no fault of his own.

Music-wise, Don McLean came to mind just because of the line “February made me shiver.”

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