Saintly Connections

Next month in recognition of Moll Dyer Day on 26 Feb the following is scheduled:

It got me thinking how ironic it is that St. Mary’s County, the birthplace and home of religious freedom and everything else Christianity, and yet it is probably more famous for a would-be-witch than for any saint or holy person from here. This is even more ironic when you think about all the schools, roads and places we have in the County that are named after saints. (We even have a Church named All Saints located in Avenue. When I graduated from Saint Mary’s College back in the day, know who our mascot was? You guessed it – The Saints.)

And yet it is the Moll lady who gets all the pub and a weekend of recognition.

So now I am wondering what historical figure comes closest to being considered a real deal Saint who either grew up and/or worked here in the County. My first thought was Father John La Farge (click here.) He is known for all the work he did during his time here in South County.

My second Saintly connection for St. Mary’s is Saint Katherine Drexel. I know that she spent some time here in the County because that is how my Aunt Lorraine came to join the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament founded by Drexel. Sister Lorraine heard then Mother Drexel speak at St. Peter Claver Church and, based on hearing what Drexel had to say, Lorraine joined the sisterhood immediately afterwards.

I then hit the St. Mary’s Beacon archives looking for info on Father La Farge and Saint Drexel and found this article that references both of them. Excerpt follows. (To read the complete article (click here. Sounds like Mrs. Jennie Barnes Beal herself should also be considered a saint for all her work and good deeds for others.)

When I finished reading the article I glanced back at the top of the page to see when it was published and trust me, the 26 February date did weird me out a little.

How about some Christian music today? This tune is currently Numro Uno on the Christian Music charts (click here.)

Back to some non-saintly things at Buzzy’s today – football and food at 3 o’clock. Drop in to root, eat and drink! You can pray later.

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