Sunday Doings

Couple South County events for you tomorrow. Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad is having their Sunday morning breakfast:

Pier 450 is having another of their Chef’s Tasting events this Sunday featuring Norway cuisine (click here for details).

While Buzzy’s can’t compete with either of those two events food-wise, on the drinking side of things, it can and does. Swing by for a cool one and catch some football. Eagles/49ers game starts at 3:00. The Buzzy friendly football pool for that game looks as follows:

The later game Sunday involves the Chiefs and Bengals playing in Arrowhead Stadium. And since I mentioned Katy Perry in yesterday’s post, it reminded me of when Brady and I attended a game there several years ago to see the Bengals play the Chiefs.

When the Bengals took the field, the following tune was played. Brady informed me that the KC folks were punking the Bengals by doing so. Turns out that the Bengals had stopped playing the song during their player introductions due to much negative feedback from Bengals’ fans (click here for that story.) (This may explain why Katy hasn’t updated the following video from several years ago.)

With the Bengals having recently beaten the Chiefs a couple times in Arrowhead, wonder if the KC folks have this tune in the mix for tomorrow:

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