You know the restaurant right? It began in 1965 when some guy named Alan Stillman bought his favorite bar and changed its name to TGI Fridays. He did so mostly because he wanted to meet women and opened TGI Fridays as “a place where people could relax in a comfortable cocktail party atmosphere in public…” (click here.) (A good video on Stillman discussing how he started out is in this link (click here.)

As for the origins of TGIF as a phrase however, it goes back several years before Stillman’s bar hit the scene by that name in 1965. I found this article that noted the following after mention of some other possible origins:

I also learned that the term TGIF has been used on everything from a computer file format (.tgif) to a TV show. Several songs by that name have also been recorded including the following by Katy Perry:

As for Buzzy’s, everyday is a TGI day, and I do like that “create a comfortable, cocktail party atmosphere where people can relax.” See you there.

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