Yes, I Do Hear You Knocking!

The other evening while watching T-V, Pam and I heard some knocking noise in an adjacent room. It was a loud, tapping noise and startled both of us. I went looking for the source but it stopped suddenly.

A few minutes after I had sat back down, the noise started up again but immediately stopped by the time I ventured in the room to check it out. This went on for awhile before I just stayed in the room to wait for the noise to re-commence. Turns out that it was a bird tapping on our living room window.

That was the night before last and the little rascal is still bopping around our window and knocking like crazy. I managed to film him in action just now. (That noise you hear in the background is Pam putting away pots and pans. This is how we roll see? While I am busy doing really important stuff like filming birds, she is spending her time doing trivial, non-important things like cleaning and putting away things.

The irony of this fella appearing as he did, is that just Tuesday morning I read an article on former Stones’ guitarist Mick Taylor where he cited “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” as one of his favorite tunes that he did when with the Stones. He had this to say about the tune:

Couple years back Mick appeared with his former mates to play it live. (If you don’t want to wait for his solo, go to the 6:00 mark where he begins to play. However, Bobby Keys’ sax solo before it (starting at the 4:00 mark) is worth catching too:

Maybe I should put a speaker up near my living room window and play this for our feathered knocking friend.

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