Ticketless in Philly

A few years back I let a friend from Philly store his boat in the Buzzy storage lot and then helped arrange a sale for him when he wanted to sell it. After the sale was made, he offered to pay me for doing so but I did not charge him anything even as I heard Buzzy turning over in his grave. Knowing my friend was a big Eagles/Phillies fan I left it “Maybe I’ll catch a ball game in Philly with you sometime.”

When the Eagles won Saturday night, on a whim, I pulsed Brady to see if he wanted to go next week and catch the Championship game. When he came back with “Hell yeah!” I then texted my Philly connection, asked about securing some tickets and he said he would check around and get back to me. Next day I got this text from him:

Somewhere I heard Buzzy saying “Told you, you should have charged him something.” However, I got to admit that my Philly friend at least did try, or said that he did, and then gave me the sage advice to make sure that I was logged on when trying to access Ticketmaster. So I’m not 100% disappointed in my failed attempts to cash in this boat-sale favor.

Then yesterday morning, as Pat Guy was helping me work on an apartment in back of the Store, I broke away at 5 to 10 to log onto Ticketmaster only to land on this a little later:

Not liking my odds, nor wanting to wait just to be told that no tickets were available, I phoned and asked Jenny to come down in the Store and monitor the PC while I went back to work with Pat. Approximately an hour later, Jenny called me in to show me the following for two of the cheaper seats listed @ $737 each. (Note the Service Fee charges for an additional $283 to the cost.)

I then phoned Brady to tell him that we would be watching the game from home. He later texted me the following:

Coincidentally, just yesterday, as I was doing this Ticketmaster torture thing, Congress was holding a hearing on them and their practices (click here.) Seems to me that Congress has done this previously and nothing has changed, so why are they even bothering pretending to do so again? (Remember Eddie Vedder trying to take them on and it led to Hearings back in the 90’s (click here.))

Bottom line – the Eagles-49ers game will be on at Buzzy’s at 3 o’clock this Sunday. There are no admission prices, no service charges and no ripping you off. (And since I just saved $1700, I may even spring for some Philly cheese steaks for everyone.)

Music-wise, Elvis was also back in the news yesterday as the actor Austin Butler, who played him in his bio movie, was nominated for Best Actor (click here.) That, coupled with a rainy day in the forecast, brought this Gordon Lightfoot song to mind:

Of all the great lines in this song, the one that always stays with me is “Well the liquor tasted good” (1:35 mark.) I guess once an alcoholic…..

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