The Catch Then, The Bobble Now

When Brady and I attended the third to last game ever played at Candlestick Park in 2013, we sat behind two old timers who had been life long 49ers’ fans and season holders forever.

When I asked them where they were sitting for The Catch they both excitedly pointed to the far corner of the end zone and said “We were right there. Clark caught the ball right in front of us. Greatest sports moment of our lives.”

I think of those two fellas every time I watch the 49ers play. Too, I always think of them whenever mention is made of The Catch. Here is a funny video on it featuring QB Joe Montana who threw The Pass that became The Catch.

In last night’s 49ers-Cowboys’s championship game there was another amazing catch that has instantly earned its own nick name as The Bobble.)

Coincidentally, both receptions occurred in a close 49ers-Cowboys playoff game almost exactly 40 years apart. However, it did make me stop and wonder if either of the 2 old fellas at that 1982 game were still around to see this one.

The 49ers will travel to Philly next week for the NFC championship game. When I went looking just now for a Philly-based tune to include here, I landed on TSOP‘s Soul Train theme that I have featured before. However, I learned something new about that song – the vocals on that song were performed by a Philly “girls group” The Three Degrees.

I had to smile at learning this because just the other night in Buzzy’s as Lisa was relieving me, I asked her “When will I see you again?” (I was trying to figure out the week’s schedule.) We both laughed and said – wasn’t that a song? It led to some discussion as to who recorded it before I hit the Google machine to find – you guessed it, The Three Degrees!

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