Sister Agnes’ Prayers

I have mentioned Buzzy’s Aunt, and hence my Great Aunt, Sister Agnes a couple of times previously here on the Buzzyblog (click here.) I included the following in one of those posts:

The Enterprise also did this nice article on her (click here discussing how she came to join the Sisters of Charity when she was 17.)

By some twist of fate (and I am sure that it was not a twist of faith) I have Sister’s prayer book stashed with several of her prayer cards. As I was looking through her prayer cards the other day, I came upon this one titled “A Prayer for Growing Old Gracefully.” (Note – to save you from trying to enlarge and read the card version, I found another copy on the web titled “17th Century Nun’s Prayer” and reprinted it below:)

On one of my visits with Sister Agnes, I recall her telling me that she only slept a couple hours a night. When I asked what she did all night long awake like that she replied “Say my prayers” and gestured to the prayer book on her side table. She then smiled and said “You and your family are in my prayers too. I pray for all of the members of my family, but I say an extra one for your father.” I started to ask her to say a couple extra prayers for me and my guys too. Heck she had all night to do so right?

However, I decided I better not be greedy and leave well enough alone. At least I was being mentioned once in her prayer lineup. I figured that I better not press my luck by appearing to be prayer greedy else she might drop me from her rotation completely.

Never in all my conversations with her back then, did I ever think that I would someday be reciting her prayer for growing old gracefully. Thank you Sister Agnes and please continue to pray for me and my family. P.S. Since Buzzy is up there with you, maybe now you throw his extra prayer my way!

Check out this nice little tune about moving on:

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