Football and Footloose

Bad news – only seven games left in this NFL season. Good news is that four of them will be played today and tomorrow.

As for the four upcoming games, I like all of the underdogs to at least cover the spread and three of them to win outright. The first game of the weekend, today at 4:30, is the one where I feel that the favorite, the Chiefs, will definitely win. I just don’t see how the Jags can beat Andy and Patrick even if Jags’ QB Trevor Lawrence has never lost on a Saturday.

Tom Brady had never lost to Dallas either until last week. Jes saying, whenever those “Nevers” get tossed around, the football gods have a way of taking care of proving that NFL really does mean Not For Long. What about Brady you ask? He’s the GOAT no doubt, but as they say – Father Time IS undefeated. Like the rest of us, Tommy boy will be sitting home or in a bar somewhere today watching the games.

The 4:30 game will be on at Buzzy’s Country Store for your viewing pleasure today and tomorrow. As for the later primetime games, you may have to be home watching them as it gets late early in Buzzy’s. (Quick note of irony here – when I first took over the Store in 2007, I seriously thought about turning Buzzy’s into a genuine sports bar complete with several T-V’s and all sorts of sports memorabilia on the walls similar to how Gridiron Iron Grill in Callaway operates. One of my concerns however, was having to stay open late because some nud nik sports nut wanted to stay and watch a game I simply had no interest in. Looking back, I am glad that I kept Buzzy’s Buzzy’s and didn’t go that route.)

Turning to music then, I remember my Mom telling me how when Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis split up, people were saying that Jerry shouldn’t have done so because Deano was the bigger star of two. People didn’t think that Jerry would cut it on his own.

I recall reading an article on Loggins and Messina that said similar things and wondered how Kenny would fare after their split (click here.) Turns out that both Jerry and Kenny did ok on their own.

Found this nice video of Kenny at Daryl’s house. Like someone says in the video (1:16) – who knew Footloose was so complicated?

One thought on “Football and Footloose

  1. Gotta love a good throwback with our greats. Time to do a throwback at Buzzy’s grab your spoons, get a jug , and don’t forget you beer mug, bring what ya got and throw it down and we can cut a rug come spring. Now dats what we call passing a real good time. In Cajun land.

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