Cold Today and Tomorrow

Temp at 4 am 2/4/23

For the most part, January let us slide weather-wise. However, February is doing a more than adequate job of reminding us that Old Man Winter can still be a ball buster when he wants to be. The Northeast in particular is getting hammered this weekend, but other parts of the country are also experiencing unusually cold temps due to something called the polar vortex (click here.)

When it turns really cold like this, I know that in Buzzy’s Country Store I will have to endure the clever observation “Well, so much for that global warming bullshit” comment from some of my folks. When they trot this bon mot out, I simply ignore it and quickly change the subject to avoid hearing any more pontificating on the subject. At this point in my life, I just don’t have the time to waste trying to convince the inconvincible of the errors in their thinking.

It is funny however, but I never heard anything like that said in the month of January.

When I saw that Brandi Carlile is nominated in the Record of the Year category in tomorrow nights’ Grammy awards, my first thought was “Oh good, she’s made a comeback.” (My second thought was “She doesn’t stand a chance of winning going up against the likes of Beyonce, Adele and Mary J. Blige.”)

Turns out out however, being the really old fart that I am, in my first thought I had my Brandi’s and Belinda’s confused. Here is something from the one I was thinking of:

P.S. I should have remembered Brandi because it was only a couple months ago that I remarked on how she was such a standup person for the way she honored Joni Mitchell in one of their appearances together (Click here.) Guess, I just forgot all about that. Conversely, I never did forget about Belinda. Think I still have this album of hers squirreled away somewhere.

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