The Rocky Curse?

Have you heard about the Rocky Curse helping the Eagles win their way through the playoffs? Turns out that there is something to it as opposing fans have placed their team’s jersey on the Rocky statue only to see their team lose to the Eagles. Subsequently, Travis Kelce of the Chiefs’ has asked his Chiefs’ fans to leave Rocky alone.

I visited the Philadelphia Museum, the Rocky Steps (click here) and the Rocky statue many years ago. However, I was not aware until just now that the statue used to be situated at the top of the steps before it was relocated to its current location to the right of the steps.

Seems that the Rocky Statue has had a little bit of a rocky time at the Museum. (Sorry, couldn’t resist saying that.) The Museum honchos didn’t care for it being displayed front and center at the top of the steps and had it moved to its current location at the bottom and to the right of the steps (click here.) Leads one to conclude that maybe the statue does carry some sort of a curse.

In the following video of Stallone visiting the statue, you can see (00:25) the Museum in the background and get an idea of just where the statue is currently located. One of the advantages about it’s current location, is that it saves all those tourists from having to waddle up the steps just to visit and see it.

Note that in the video, Stallone states that he is from Philly, but he does not mention that he also resided in St. Mary’s County when he attended Charlotte Hall Military Academy as a 15 year old. The following is from Massey’s “You Know You’re From St. Mary’s County” FB::

Back to the curse business, you just know that some Eagles’ fans are already plotting how to place Kelce’s jersey on the statue. (Jay, hope you are on that!)

The other day when Ticketmaster asked me what event I was looking for and after I typed in “Eagles tickets,” I was directed to the band currently touring. Guess this is their Farewell Tour number xxx. Video here is from the 2005 Farewell Tour and features The Long Run which really is their mantra isn’t it? (A little sad seeing Glenn Frey doing his thing however in what would be his last live video before his 2016 death. Guess his wasn’t such a long run after all.)

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