Leapin’ Years

Found one of my old journals dated 04/05 wherein I kept a loose accounting of my comings and goings. It wasn’t a daily gig such as I do here on the Buzzyblog, rather more like a monthly download.

Scanning through my journal’s February’s entries, I found the following notes from February 29th of that year. (2004 was a Leap Year so I took advantage of the extra day to look back across the entire month of February. Turns out it was a busy one even if I didn’t take any major trips anywhere.) Here is what I wrote back then:

  • “Good bye February, although I can’t say that it was such a lousy month. On the contrary, it was a great month even if I didn’t travel anywhere out of the country. (Planning on visiting Ryan in Hawaii in a couple days, so got that to look forward to.)
  • Weather-wise this February was very mild and had no major snow storms. Trip-wise, I didn’t schedule anything major this year but did manage to do some local jaunts to places like Philadelphia and Williamsburg. Philly was great fun as I did the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross, South Street and the Philadelphia Museum. Great time.
  • Celebrated my birthday on the 12th. It was a low keyed affair as I went out to dinner with Shea and Brady and their ladies for a pleasant evening.
  • I had touched base with Mom and Dad earlier in the week and they are both doing well. Dad’s got some medical stuff going on and we have a trip to Ireland set for the end of April.
  • Mike Raley and I went up to the Improv Comedy Club in D.C. to catch the Last Comics Standing Show. Great fun and as always I enjoyed spending time with Mike. He’s going 100 MPH with the furniture and Southridge Restaurant/Bar/Apartments businesses and is juggling a lot of things.
  • As for going to catch any music shows this month, I did manage to check out Robert Cray at the State Theater in Fairfax. This marked the third or fourth show that I have seen at State and as a result it has become one of my favorite places to catch some music. Travel and music, two of the better secrets of life.

Couple footnotes to these 04 observations.

The trip that Dad and I made to Ireland in April 04 would be the last overseas trip that we took together.

Mike Raley suffered a massive stroke in May 04.

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