Happy March

Buzzy birthdays in March start off on the 2nd featuring my Maui daughter Ryan. Robby Hall’s and Donna Wheatley’s daughter Sheryl McKinnon celebrates on the 4th; Tommy Salvo the 7th; Bob Mann and my nephew Michael Hofmeister the 8th; Terri Yates the 16th; my nephew-in-law Ian Allen the 25th; and Steve Pratt on the 31st.

Speaking of celebrating birthdays in Hawaii, here are some 2011 photos of Ryan helping me turn 60 by us hiking up Diamond Head in Honolulu:

When we got to the top of Diamond Head, Ryan had everyone sing Happy Birthday to me. Even the Chinese joined in. (At least I think they were singing Happy Birthday to me!)

Glad Ryan got some photos because I am fairly certain that I won’t be hiking up Diamond Head again anytime soon.

Music wise I always think of Jack Johnson whenever I think things Hawaii:

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