Super Day

One day last week someone asked if I was doing anything special for my birthday. I told them I was planning on going to the Store, coming back home, having dinner and then watching the Super Bowl. I could tell by their reaction that they weren’t impressed by my answer. Who would be?

Well turns out that thanks to all my Buzzy friends, I had a surprise birthday party at the Store and yes, I was totally surprised because I had no idea that all this was going down. As I have long maintained, keeping expectations low will always make things better for you. And that proved very true yesterday for me.

Couple photos taken:

Ravens’ themed birthday cake from Weis. Thank you Brian and Kim!

Clyde Ridgell Photo

From left to right Jeff and Bobby Page, Marley and Brady and Pat Guy.

Never knew Bobby was Chinese!

Here we were trying to pose for Clyde and Kim to take this one, but I like the way Stoney solved where to look by cutting his eyes over like he did.

Kim Wiley Photo

My thanks to everyone who stopped in to wish me a Happy Birthday. Also, my thanks to all the food preppers who brought in such a great selection of food on a Super Bowl Sunday when everyone is usually busy preparing their ball game dining menus.

In particular, I want to salute and thank Brian Barnhill and Kim Wiley for all they did in organizing this on my behalf. The food, the cake, everyone there, along with the overall surprise of it were all amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am most grateful for what a Super Super Day it turned out to be celebrating my 72 years of rocking and rolling and slipping and sliding. (Even if it does seem that of late, it has been more of the latter than former!)

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