Rihanna Comeback (No Thanks Necessary)

Super Bowl halftime show later today will feature Rihanna who has been off the scene for several years now. If you recall, I mentioned her here on the Buzzyblog approximately a year ago after I had visited her hometown in Barbados and checked out both her former little house, where she grew up, and her current mansion (click here)

That leads me to wonder if her getting mentioned on the Buzzyblog didn’t help inspire Rihanna to make this comeback as in “Damn, I’m so off the scene, I’m now getting mentioned on places like the Buzzyblog! I better get out there and shake a tail feather.”

Because she only has 12-13 minutes to perform at Halftime, there is some speculation as to which of her songs Rihanna will perform today (click here.) As with everything else Super Bowl-related, you can bet on which songs she will be performing. Here are some odds on that:

Since “Bitch Better Have My Money” is such a long shot, I’ve got it queued up here for you to check out. I’m thinking it’s the rap equivalent of Buzzy’s “Shutup and pay me!”

We’ll have both the game and Rihanna for you at Buzzy’s Country Store, so stop in if you’re out and about later on.

P.S. As I was looking over Rihanna videos just now, this ad appeared at the beginning of one of them. Whereas I usually just click on the “Skip Ad” button, for this one I hung with it just to see if Travolta could still hit the high note at the end. See what you think:

Oops, almost forgot: the Buzzy friendly pool looks like this with winners for each of the first 3 quarters and the final.

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