The Birds

Barroom trick question for you: six NFL team names have bird associations. Bet you can only name 5 of them.

You got the five right – the Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens and Seahawks. No problem there. But the 6th? Remember, I said it was a trick question. Answer – the Bills!

Actually, the Buffalo Bills were named after the dude himself Buffalo Bill Cody who first gained his fame for the numbers of buffalo that he knocked off.

But speaking of parrots and their bills, music-wise, my son Shea texted me this the other night. (My response has to do with my plans to head down that way next week.)

Very cool eh – Shea catching Jimmy in Key West. Me? I was on the couch watching Vanna lighting up all those letter boxes. Here is a video from someone else at that Key West show the other night. (Note at the 1:45 mark, it sounds like Jimmy has stopped saying “A Mexican beauty.” Wonder if that’s due to more changes in attitudes.

Back to the Super Bowl, for some reason, Jimmy has never been a Super Bowl halftime act. The ultimate party guy performing at the ultimate party, you would think that that would be a no brainer good match. However, seems that there are all sorts of hoops and hurdles to go thru to get the SB gig (click here.) I am thinking Jimmy probably did the math and concluded “I’m better off playing for all my Parrothead fans who will pay good money to hear me do “Margaritaville” for the millionth time. Screw the NFL.”

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