Buzzy Buys & Terps Win

Here is a South County event for your Saturday night calendar:

Buzzy’s Is Only 1 Mile Down the Road From the Legion, Drop in
For a Before/After Steak Dinner Drink

Scheduled as it is on the second Saturday of this month, the dinner brought back some nice memories of when my folks and various other family members met at the Ridge American Legion on 12 February 2005 to celebrate my then 54th birthday.

As for why that was so memorable has to do with a couple of reasons: most all of my immediate family members were there, Buzzy picked up the entire tab for all of us and Maryland’s men’s basketball team beat Duke in an overtime game played later that evening. It truly was a great night.

The reason I recall Buzzy picking up the tab has to do with the fact that he did not do that very often. When i turned 50, my Mom, sisters and kids threw me a surprise birthday party at Southridge Restaurant. Buzzy paid the tab then for the 40 or so people that attended that dinner party. I was most grateful that he did so because as I stated, he didn’t do that very often.

So for him to do it again 4 years later was really pushing it. I couldn’t get over that he had done so twice in four years. Despite my repeatedly offering him some money towards the bill, he refused to take it. That said however, I do remember him making some comment to the effect “You might know they went and raised the prices just when we came here for this.” (Seems that The Legion folks had recently bumped the price of the steak dinner up a dollar or so starting with that month of February.)

As for Maryland basketball, back then I was into it and looked forward to them playing their ACC Conference Games on Wednesdays and Saturdays. That night in 05 the Terps were scheduled to play Duke in a 9 o’clock game. I remember telling folks to bet on the Turtles because there was no way that the were going to lose on and ruin my birthday. And they didn’t!

To show how times have changed, Maryland is scheduled to play Penn State tomorrow at noon. But there was a time when they were in prime time on most Saturday evenings.

Assuming that the tomorrow’s game will be televised, I’ll have it on the Buzzy boob tube. However, I won’t blame you if you don’t drop in to watch it with me.

Really good video here discussing the Maryland/Duke rivalry (click here.) Those really were special times.

Heard Gladys do this the other day and thought of it just now with all her intro talking about wanting to go back to a different and simpler time. I’m with you there Gladys.

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