SB Commercials – Then and Now

Ever think that you would watch and enjoy an hour long T-V show that featured nothing but commercials? Well, every year I make it a point to do just that by watching the Super Bowl Commercials Special that airs during SB week as it did last night,

For a sneak preview of this year’s SB commercials (click here.) Note that the Mich Ultra one featuring Tony Romo as Bill Murray’s Caddyshack guy looks to be a winner. It is funnier still because Romo has recently been criticized for playing too much golf and not focussing enough on doing his prep work for broadcasting the NFL games. Sports folks have been discussing CBS honchos having done an “intervention” with Romo on the matter. One even weighed in on it by saying he would never hire guys who loved playing golf because that’s all they wanted to do and would not focus on the job he was paying them to do (click here 3:45 mark)

But back to last night’s show, they also did a survey and ranking of the greatest SB Commercials ever with the Mean Joe Greene Coke one topping the list. Found a good article on that 1980 SB commercial (click here.) Some trivia for you – the commercial had actually aired in 1979 when it was played during a Monday Night Football game (click here.) A few months later, it ran again in the 1980 SB that coincidentally saw Mean Joe’s team the Steelers win against the Rams.

As for the other end of the spectrum, several SB commercials have been deemed so controversial that they bombed as a result (click here. Scroll down to check out Carl’s Jr. “All Natural” entry in this list of Controversial Commercials. I always thought that Carl’s commercials were pretty good even if as one critic said “they set feminism back four decades.” (And speaking of coincidences, Carl was also the name of Bill Murray’s Caddyshack dude.))

As for the best musical SB commercials, hands down, I have Stevie winning top honors for her Landslide/Clydesdale one. Even though I am not a big pet person, this one will actually cause me to shed a tear or two when watching it.

Buzzy’s will have the game on Sunday evening for your viewing pleasure so swing by if out and about. May even have some things to munch on also. Will definitely have some things for you to drink though.

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