From Gro-Bar to Grab Bar

After 15 years of running Buzzy’s Country Store, I am still not comfortable saying that I own a bar. I am warming up to it though; gimme another 15 years and maybe I’ll get there.

The unofficial term for places like Buzzy’s in the County used to be “Gro-bar” as in a grocery store that also sold and served booze. John Wharton wrote this excellent article on Gro-bars in a 2004 edition of the Enterprise (click here.)

While places like Dent’s in Tall Timbers continue the Gro-bar tradition to this day, Buzzy’s, by not selling any groceries, is no longer a real deal Gro-bar. Thus, I am looking a new designation. Calling Buzzy’s a “Country Store With a Bar” is too long a title so any ideas, lemme know.

P.S. If you try goggling “Gro-bar” you will end up with a bunch of home improvement sites advertising “Grab Bars.” With my advanced age and the Pat Adams’ grab bar now installed on its front porch post, maybe that’s not a bad term for Buzzy’s after all!

Huey came to mind as in “I Want a New Name.”

Sad footnote on how Huey had to retire due to having something called Meniere’s Disease (click here for that story.) Life sure has a way of keeping you humble doesn’t it?

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