Duos of Duos

Twofer Tuesday so how about some duos times two?

First up – two lovely ladies behind Buzzy’s counter:

Kim and Terri

Next up – two ladies, obviously not in Buzzy’s, even if one of them could or should be:

Here is my daughter Reagan and her boyfriend Ben posing in front of the renovated Pt. Lookout Lighthouse:

And speaking of Pt. Lookout here is still one of the most convincing pieces of evidence that the Lighthouse really is haunted: the following photo was taken while the lady was giving a talk on psychic phenomena when the ghost appeared behind her. That said, my only wish is that the so called ghost was a little bit more in the picture. But then again, maybe he wanted it the way it came out.

And here is an oldie but goodie twosome featuring Pratt Boy as in Stevie and Krispie as in McKay chilling on Buzzy’s front porch:

Love Those Smiles

An then there is this one of my Dad and my sister Donna smiling on the Store’s front porch at the Buzzy 50th Anniversary party:

Here is a recent photo of daughter Ryan and Mike Fenhagen at Buzzy’s:

Here they are several years ago posing in Honolulu at some Japanese steak house:

And just because there aren’t too many good photos of me and my girl together, here is one that Reagan took of us. She caught me doing what I enjoy doing most: laughing,relaxing and having fun in a country store (Dent’s/Chief’s), greeting a good friend I had just recognized at the bar (Mike Case), and my arm around a woman I love (Pam) who appears to be praying that I don’t embarrass her:

Photo by Daughter Reagan

And then there is this photo of another classic Second District Country Store:

To conclude this duo of duos then, check out this meme that semi-sorta makes fun of Cyndi:

Come on, everybody knows that answer:

P.S. That is Cyndi’s real Mom Catrine appearing in the video with her (click here.) Those of you who still have a Mom roaming around this country store called life should give her a call today and say hello.

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