Twofer Tuesday

Valentine’s Day and the Tackle Box. (Only on the Buzzyblog will you ever find those two items paired up. Read on.)

Caitie and Brady’s Lawn Decoration

Then there was this February photo on Karen Guy’s 2023 calendar she put together for Guy Distributing:

What is shown is obviously a previous location of the Tackle Box from where it is currently. Several folks have stated that the above looks like the space that housed the Sign of the Whale and is currently undergoing some renovations:

I am not sure, but I think the original Tackle Box was situated in one of the buildings located between the above strip mall and the Belvedere Restaurant/Motel. Note (to the left) this 1960 Enterprise ad (click here) where the Tackle Box advertises itself as being 200 yards north of the old Safeway, located on the corner of Shangri La Drive and 235. I think it was several years later when the Tackle Box relocated to their current location.

Ok, back to Valentines Day stuff, can you name Cupid’s favorite rock band? Heart!

One thought on “Twofer Tuesday

  1. The location was in that large house like structure on 235 South, before the current location.
    It had a large painted sign on the side of the house that said “Here Tis”

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