Tackle Box Pt. 2

A followup on Tuesday’s Tackle Box post. John Carbone and I visited the Tackle Box yesterday to talk to owner Ken Lamb only to learn that Ken takes Tuesdays off. While there however, I noticed this 2010 County Times newspaper article discussing them celebrating 50 years of being in business. (Note the mention and photo of legendary South County Charter Boat Capt. Taft Tippett.)

Wanting to read the caption of the photo at the bottom of the article I then hit the County Times archives to find the following:

As for determining just where the first store was located, John and I then visited two sites. The first was the current Armitage Law Office building:

The second was a private building located a little further down 235. This is the last building before turning into what used to be the entry road into the Belvedere. (Recall the big cow sign there?) John said that he thinks it was in this private building where the original Tackle Box began.

For reference purposes, here again is the photo in the Guy Distributing calendar that got me curious as to just where the first store was.

To conclude this little Tackle Box tour, let’s listen to a gone fishing song:

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