Love It or Live With It

Had this stashed for Valentine’s Day but the Twofer Tuesday and Tackle Box thing tossed me a curve ball. (Which reminds me – baseball Spring Training starts today!)

Anyway, here are a couple of relationship quotes I had set aside to pass along in honor of the Valentine’s Day couples thing.

All men and women people have 10 faults. The trick is to find and hook up with someone whose 10 you can live with.

That’s it. The secret to a happy relationship.

All of which is a good reminder that if you have someone in your life who makes things better and easier for you, then you need to take good care of that person.

Another relationship quote here from the Wilde man makes sense too:

Bruce ‘s divorce song Tunnel of love song summed it up as follows:

And speaking of Tunnel of Love, I’ve played Bruce’s a couple times previously so how about we check out Mark and Company doing their tune by that title:

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