Rosie Hewlett’s Bar & Store

Just down Fresh Pond Neck Road to your left you can see the remnants of what was Rosie Hewlett’s Store. It is now owned by my friend Julian Bryant who is/was Rosie’s nephew. The following is from Massey’s “You Know You’re From St. Mary’s…” FB page:

In addition to this info on Massey’s page, I was also able to track down this nice Enterprise article on when Rosie decided to retire in 1991:

As for her reference to having more white customers, I can recall going into Mrs. Rosie’s with a couple running mates and shooting some pool while drinking some beers. However, I always felt and knew that she was not too comfortable with us being there, so I never overstayed my welcome. Note that in some of my other bar room excursions at that time, I wasn’t always so cautious and bad results tended to ensue. At Mrs. Rosie’s however, I always knew the deal and behaved accordingly.

Musically, check this out from violinist Rosie Langley:

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