Lancet Watch

Re-watched Pulp Fiction the other day and remembered of course all of the classic scenes.

However, I had forgotten about this one featuring Christopher Wauken as Capt. Koons giving young Bruce Willis (Butch) his father’s watch. This time it resonated with me because I heard Chris say that the watch was purchased “in a little general store in Knoxville, Tennessee.” Listen for it at the 01:00 mark here.

Turns out that there is quite a story and history to what is known as the Lancet Watch (click here.) Note that the joke about where one stores it is truly an “inside joke.” (See what I did there – a joke within a joke literally!)

Awesome sound track to Pulp Fiction including this tune by the Revels that I always liked but never really knew the name of and who did it until just now when I tracked it down (click here for that info.)

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