WWJD? He Doesn’t Even Know!

Among all the post-Super Bowl talk about the commercials (click here,) the whole Jesus Gets Us churn seemed a little off to me. On the left you had folks like the Catholic AOC lady knocking the commercial while the right wing had folks like MTG praising it. (How long before these two are put in a MMA cage match throw down? I might even pay some coins to see that cat fight.)

All I can say is that we live in strange times don’t we? I don’t think even someone like Jesus could do much to calm these waters. (Then again He did get crucified when He attempted just that back in His time so go figure.) The older I get, the more jaded I become.

Feel the need for a nice and laid back tune today. How about this great video of Taj riding around the French Quarter and playing with his 2 buds. (Note this is part of a series of similar videos put together by ABIS Productions (click here.)

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