Half Masted

Because Sunday’s weather was so nice, it made me want to put the Buzzy flag back up. I take it down during the winter months and reinstall it come springtime. Here is how it looked Sunday.

As I hoisted the flag up the pole however, and it got to the half mast position, I thought to tie a knot in the line to designate where half mast is. This will save me the time of having to ascertain that whenever I have to lower the flag to that position. (OK, I grant you, that this is not that big a time saver for me, but being lazy and semi-ambling my way to the finish line here, I’m into saving every minute that I may have left.) This is how my half-mast knot appeared.

As I finished up doing this however, the thought crossed my mind “Wow we haven’t had any shootings in awhile. Hope that remains the case.”

You know the rest of the story. Jenny monitors our notifications of when to lower the flag (click here) and sent me this text early yesterday morning:

First thing I did when I got to Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday was to lower the flag to my pre-marked knot. While I did not take any satisfaction out of having simplified my routine in this effort, the thought did cross my mind “Wow, that sure didn’t take long to happen.”

Thanks to my buddy John Carbone for making the arrangements to do so, we caught the Boss at Capitol One Arena Monday night (click here.) Bruce, at 73 years young now, and his E Street Band put on a great show and proved it all night (well at least for the three hours of the show) that they can still rock n roll. Bruce did very little talking between songs but in telling how he joined a rock and roll band when he was 15 years old, one of his lines has stayed with me “When you’re 15, it’s a lot of hellos, but when you are 73, it’s a lot of goodbyes.”

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