Happy Day – Albert and Pi(e)

Here is an unusual pairing for you on this particular Twofer Tuesday – Einstein and Pi/Pie. (Maybe it should be a Threefer Tuesday!)

Albert was born today in 1879 and is recognized as the Father of Modern Physics having come up with the most famous equation ever E = mc2.

But another cause for celebration today is that the most famous decimal 3.14 marks it also as Pi Day (click here.)

Of course for the non-math inclined folks, we like to think of it as Pie Day. Good article here on that subject, but be forewarned, the accompanying photos in the article are gonna make you want to eat some pie. Example follows:

Which leads me to an idea on how Buzzy’s Country Store can horn in on all this celebratory Pi/Pie business: I’ll pick up some pizzas (as in pizza pies) to serve up later in the Store. And, no, I won’t charge you $3.14 a slice! These are on Buzzy.

Not too many rocksters named Albert, but check out one of the Kings playing here with a broken finger and still nailing it.

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