The Old Burnt Store (Subtitle – Where Nehimiah Blackistone Got Burnt)

I found this 1938 book written by George Morgan Knight Jr. among Buzzy’s stash of papers and books.

It contains a chapter discussing how a country store played a role in one of the bigger stakes card games in the County. The book also includes the following photo which was taken by the author.

I am not sure where the Old Burnt Store was located in Clements. Frankie Tippett included Mr. Knight’s photo in one of his posts on Massey’s FB page “You Know You’re From St. Mary’s…” However, Frankie did not say where it was. (I hi-lited Frankie’s comment that it is “long gone.”)

As for St. Clements Manor, there is a marker in Colton’s Point near the St. Clements Museum, noting “St. Clements Manor – 1639 – 11,400 Acres. In St. Clements Hundred, St. Mary’s County laid out with court leet and baron, and patented to Dr. Thomas Gerard, Esq. and bequeathed to his oldest son Capt. Justinian Gerard.”

I would assume that Colton’s Point got it’s name from the same Richard Colton after he had won the St. Clements Manor property from Blackistone. Check out the following article discussing this (click here.)

To listen/watch the Academy Award winning Best Song Naatu Naatu (click here.) If, like me you are wondering how the hell did that win, well, who knows?

Conversely, check out this listing of the all time top ten Academy Award winning best songs that pretty much everyone agrees are truly great songs (click here.) Here is one of those top tenners. (Note I included this one because one could say that poor Nehimiah Blackistone really did get the shaft courtesy of Richard Colton.

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