March Madness?

Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament starts today so naturally, lets talk about guns as in “Tourney Starts With a Bang” or “Alabama – Number 1 With a Bullet.”

As stated, Alabama is the overall Number 1 seed in the Tournament. Their success story has been somewhat overshadowed however because their star player was involved in the murder of a young lady in January of this year (click here,) Although the player was not indicted for the crime, he was at the scene of the murder and two of his buds are now in jail awaiting trial. Reports are that the player brought the gun to his pals who then used it to shoot the young lady.

Thus, it makes sense that the player now shows up at a practice session yesterday accompanied by an armed security guard as shown here:

The Alabama folks felt that the armed security dude was needed because the player has been on the receiving end of some ugly jeers and taunting from opposing fans (click here). This has now led to more questions and comments about the player’s overall role in the murder. Here are some comments made following the Post’s article.

When I filled out my brackets, I picked Maryland to beat Bama in the Round of 32. I am hoping to see a headline that reads “Terps Shoot Down the Crimson Tide.” To face Alabama Saturday, the Terps must first figure out a way to beat a tough West Virginia team today.

But back to the subject of guns:

What happened to Guns ‘n Roses’ tour bus when it got a flat tire and had to be jacked up for repair?

Its axle rose.

Terps kick off the Tournament at 12:15 today as underdogs against West Virginia and yes, that game will be on at Buzzy’s Country Store. Come share some madness more than usual at Buzzy’s!

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