Happy Succat Day

Ok, you know it as St. Patrick’s Day but click here to learn about the Succat connection. (You are on your own to make any suck at jokes you want.)

Also, there are a couple other myths surrounding today and the Paddy boy, and if you are curious about those click here. Hint – Ireland never had any snakes in the first place. And all that eating gobs of corned beef thing originated in New York, not Ireland, because, as some wise person once said, the answer is always – money!

Something else I wanted to pass along to you on this day when everyone is Irish:


Here is a nice upbeat video to get you in a festive mood for today’s partying and rockin and rollin:

No green beer at Buzzy’s; but wear your greenery and see if that makes you lucky! May even have some corned beef for you to nibble on.

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