Kevins Corner Kafe

With special emphasis on Corner.

Thank you to my friend Angela Breck for pointing out to me that yesterday’s Buzzyblog post mistakenly referred to Kevin’s Corner Kafe as his Korner Kafe.

I had made the comment yesterday in response to something said on a FB site discussing business names:

(Note that I just tried to followup on that FB site with a comment similar to Angela’s above, but their comments section is now closed. So much for correcting mis-information on FB.)

I’d like to say that this explains why I had never noticed that Kevin’s was C Corner and not K Korner. However, that’s a lame excuse because nowadays there are a number of road side signs, places and things that I don’t notice or pick up on.

As an example, I was telling someone just the other day about how police are frequently setting radar up at the SMECO station across from Deagle Road. When the person I was telling this to asked where Deagle Road/the SMECO station was, I told them “Just after Steuart’s Oil, Valero, NuStar or whatever it is now named.” I was only semi-embarrassed to confess that I was not 100% sure of just what the name of the place is now, despite the fact that I drive by it everyday! (It is Sunoco btw (click here.))

But back to Kevin’s and my mistake in passing along erroneous info about his business name. I’m thinking maybe I’ll play with the Buzzy’s Country Store name and see if people notice. How about something like Buzzy’s Kountry Store; or in recognition of Buzzy’s being a bar room – Sudsy’s Country Store? (But for all you gutter-minded folks, dropping the O in Country is a non-starter – even if it would get some attention!)

Speaking of mistaken identities (or maybe that should be misspelled identities) the Kim Carnes album by that title featured her biggest hit Bette Davis Eyes. That tune was number one on Billboard’s Hit List for nine weeks in 1981 and ultimately was recognized as Billboard’s song of the year (click here.) Kim released the album’s title song Mistaken Identity a year later but no way could it equal nor top the success of Bette Davis Eyes. What song could?

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