Visit St. Mary’s

On Fridays I check out the website Visit St. Mary’s County to see what events are being held the coming weekend here in the County, particularly in South County. (My ulterior motive of course is to give you another reason to visit Buzzy’s Country Store.)

Here are a couple of Maryland Day Events scheduled for tomorrow. (Trivia question for you – why is Maryland Day celebrated on the 25th of March? Answer – to coincide with the Feast of the Annunciation nine months before the birth of Christ when Santa Claus comes around. OK, just threw Santa in there to screw with you; but the Annunciation connection is true.)

Note: If you do wander over to St. Clements area be sure to stop in and check out Potomac Gardens and tell Angie you saw it here on the Buzzyblog.

The Visit St. Mary’s website contains an excellent interactive video of places to check out in the County

For More Info (click here.)

Music-wise, Pam and I were having breakfast in Bob Evans Restaurant yesterday morning when I heard this tune. Bob Evans, I hear you asking. Hey, you take your music where you find it. (Good song but kinda weird video with one big take away – what became of the alligator? Think maybe he ended up in that pond adjacent South Sandgates Road? If you are not aware of that story (click here.)

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