Rich Vos

Riding down the road to Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday morning, I caught comedian Rich Vos appearing on the Sports Junkies’ radio show (click here for the entire interview starting around the 15:00 mark.)

Listening to Rich brought back some nice memories of my cousin Mike Raley and me attending one of his shows at a comedy club in D.C. many years ago. Mike and I had first seen and liked Rich on the 2003 TV show Last Comic Stranding and both agreed that Rich was our favorite. Thus, we wanted to see him perform live, which we did on a very cold winter night in some part of DC that we probably shouldn’t have been in.

During that show that Mike and I attended, Rich got into some back and forth with a heckler the details of which I can’t recall. However, I do remember it getting a little tense and uncomfortable in the club as Rich and the guy went at it. Ultimately, the guy shut up (I think he finally left) and Rich continued with his show.

After the show, as Mike and I waited in line to buy CD’s from Rich, I said to Rich “You handled that guy pretty good but I think you really pissed him off.” As Rich signed our CDs, he paused. looked around and said “I know. He’s not still here is he?”

I thought of all this yesterday as Rich, during the course of his conversation with the Junks, mentioned how he sizes up a crowd once he hits the stage to decide what material he will use for the show. He noted that younger crowds tend to be more rowdy and drunker and then he has to deal with them during the show.

I found this video of Rich dealing with such a situation. (Also, it reminded me of having to deal with a troubled drunk just this past Thursday evening at Buzzy’s. I’ll tell you about that exchange some other time. And no, I was not attempting to do any comedy act while the dude was being an Adam Henry!)

As for hecklers wanting to be a part of the act, check out Jimmy and Will’s funny take on it.

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