Sunday Prayer – Pt. 2

This being the Fifth Sunday of Lent, it reminds me of the following joke: Wherever you find four Catholics, you will find a fifth. (I know I am going to hell; but my consolation is that I will be with a lot of my friends.)

For your go-to-church-time here on the Buzzyblog, I have selected a prayer for you.

It was composed by French Jesuit priest Teilhard de Chardin and published in Hearts on Fire a collection of Jesuit prayers. Chardin worked as a paleontologist and philosopher but his writings on these subjects were considered too controversial, primarily due to his views on evolution, and hence were forbidden publication during his lifetime. Here is Chardin’s prayer and note the evolution references that he includes:

As I prepared this to pass along the above prayer, it occurred to me that I had done so previously. Thanks to the Buzzyblog search feature, I found that I did post it back in 2020 (click here.)

Re-reading that 2020 post, Chardin’s prayer takes on a little different meaning for me because my Mom passed away a week after I wrote it. Pam’s friend Karen Holcomb (who gave Pam a copy of the Chardin prayer) passed away just last month on 27 February. Maybe the slow work of God has finally gotten around to making me realize all this.

Right on time then, check out this tune by Eric Church. (Get it? Church-Sunday-Heart on Fire – it’s all connected.)

Unlike yesterday, today’s weather looks to be the kinda day that you need to get out and enjoy. Our cherry blossoms have finally bloomed and a little country store invites you to take a ride south and enjoy it all. Hope to see you later!

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