“Sometimes” is an occasional Buzzyblog feature discussing ageing-related incidents that seem to happen more and more frequently to me. The following occurred just the other day.

I was in Dyson’s Lumber Store returning an item that I had purchased from them previously but also wanting to pick up some other things. The young lady behind the counter asked me “How do you want to handle this? We can give you a refund for the item and run a new ticket or we can do it all on one ticket.” I quickly responded with one of my tried and true responses on how to handle things like this “Do it the easiest way possible. I’m a Cesarean baby so I am always looking for the easiest way out.”

As the young lady began to muck around with my receipt at the cash register, she did not respond, laugh nor react to my comment, so I quickly followed up with “That was a joke.” Without looking up or turning to face me, she simply said “I thought so, because I didn’t think they did those back then.” As she continued processing my order, I turned to the guy waiting in line behind me and said “Guess that joke was on me.” He laughed and said “Yeah buddy, she nailed you.”

Hearing that exchange, the young lady quickly said to me “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it THAT way.” I laughed and said “Don’t worry about it. Just another notch on the ageing bedpost.” While I don’t think she got that reference either, I paid her, said goodbye and made my way out the door.

On my way down the road to Buzzy’s Country Store however, I made a mental note “Sometimes, from now on be a little more selective on who you use that Cesarean line on.”

No songs about Cesareans, but did find this one about notches on a bedpost:

The album cover (above) reminded me of something I saw somewhere in my internet travels. Note how I have inverted it to avoid the initial shock factor.

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