A Catastrophic Story

Twofer Tuesday and those of you who are close followers of the Buzzyblog here know that cat-related items are seldom seen on these pages. For better or worse, consider this is a feline-free-zone with maybe an occasional Garfield to pass along.

That said however, given that it is a Twofer Tuesday, I couldn’t turn down this truly awful joke involving 1) a bit of a language challenge and 2) the demise of a cat. Those two elements made me say – hey let’s let this cat out of the Buzzy grab bag or something like that. (No pussy jokes though!)

If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it because cats and French jokes about them make for a terrible twosome – even here on a Buzzyblog Twofer Tuesday.

I only mentioned “seldom seen” (above) to give me an excuse to do something here on the renown Seldom Scene bluegrass music Maryland boys (click here.) Yes, they are are still around and yes, they are still out there playing in the band and touring (click here.) Wonder what it would take to try and talk them into heading to South County way to play some music for us?

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