Buzzy Seeds and Gardening Needs

Ok, all you gardeners, Easter has come and gone so now is the time to get serious about putting those plants and seeds in the ground and start growing some things. And Buzzy can help you with all of that in more ways than one.

First, check out this company Buzzy Seeds and their website:

Here is their FB page with more info for you:

As for gardening advice and expertise, Buzzy’s Country Store has more than you will ever need or want. (Maybe even more than you would ever need or want!) Swing by for daily sessions.

Note: As for those two cannabis plants that you are now allowed to grow here in Maryland (click here,) that law doesn’t take effect until July. One would hope that the powers that be would not be hard over with you getting an early start in the growing season, but who knows? In some places, the powers that be are still kicking black folks out of places – so be careful.

Leave it to Van then to sum it all up very succinctly “No guru, no method, no teacher, just you and me in the garden.”

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