Happy Easter – Whenever!

Know why Easter moves around like it does? Well, it’s a little confusing to explain and I won’t bore you with even trying to do so. But please note that there is even some churn among Church folks as the Eastern Orthodox bubbas celebrate their Easter using another calendar completely. This year for example they won’t be celebrating Easter until next Sunday (click here.) So go figure; if the big boys can’t agree on it, why should we try to figure it all out?

(Quick aside however, don’t you think the western Church folks should have at least first checked their calendars to ensure that Easter didn’t land on the same weekend as the Masters Golf Tournament? Come on Church people, you are interfering with the Masters, a tradition unlike any other. And this one is Jim Nantz’s last one (click here.) Since Easter really is a moveable feast, just move it not to conflict with something as sacred as the Masters!

Music-wise, here then is a fun song to play for the grandkids when they can’t find the last couple eggs that you have hidden out in the yard for them to find:

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