A Fish Tale (Or Two)

Having just placed a tackle order for Buzzy’s Country Store, I would like to relay a fish-related story as follows:



Gotcha? Don’t feel bad, I was taken in hook, line and sinker too!

On the other hand, there is no fooling around when it comes to celebrating our April birthdays in the Buzzy family:

Reeling in the years are Bertie Taylor and Kevin McKay who celebrate on the 3rd, Butch Wood 16th, Pat Adams 17th, Jack Flatly 23rd, Jack Wise 25th and Jay Ripson the 27th.

My immediate family April birthdays include – son Shea who catches a big one – ends in zero – on the 7th, niece Rilynn Taylor 18th, grandson Blaise on 20 April, stepson Shaun ODell the 21st, daughter-in-law Caitie 24th, and my nephew Emerson Taylor on the 28th.  

Also in April, my daughter-in-law Stephanie and Shea celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 8th.   Later in the month Caitie and Brady will celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 27th.   And to close out a month of special occasions, my wife Pam celebrates her birthday on the 29th.

To stay with my fish and tackle theme for today, some music from these boys seems “reelly” appropriate then. (Sorry.)

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