All That and Then Sum

When it came to crunching numbers, Buzzy had it down pat. For 50+ years he “did the math” and was always in a calculating mode of mind whether he was behind the counter, shopping for items to resell in the store or traveling somewhere. I still think of his line whenever someone asks me the price of something. Buzzy would tell the person who wanted to know how much a certain item cost “They are 50 cents each, but for you, a good friend, I’ll give you two for a dollar.” Most of time folks would get two.

Here are some math-related items I just happened upon in my internet travels:

The following has consumed more time than I have left trying to figure it out:

This video tries to explain it; but I still don’t think I got it.

I won’t even begin to try and explain this one:


Maybe the Margarita Man had it right all along:

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