Happy 420 – Now Get Those Plants in the Ground!

In recognition of today being National Pot Day, I did some research on just when is the best time to plant your pot.

Once again that internet machine has a stash of info for you on this subject. (And yeah, “stash” was the word I was looking for.)


That’s just one of many sites. You are free to roam among other websites that all say pretty much the same thing – plant anywhere from mid-April to October.

Closer to home here in Southern Maryland, my little survey of this subject came from some of my Buzzy folks who are well versed in the art of gardening whether it be legal or up-to-now-illegal items. They tell me that pot is nothing more than a tomato plant without tomatoes i.e. both are weeds that produce something consumable. Their advice is to plant, tend to and harvest your pot just as you would your tomatoes. Whether you smoke or eat your pot is up to you. Key word – up.

Unrelated to this subject and by sheer coincidence, today is also my Grandson Blaise’s 6th birthday. Mom and Dad surprised him with an 18 foot Jack Skellington:

Leads me to conclude that I sure wouldn’t want to be high smoking weed and pull into my driveway to see something like Jack welcoming me home. Then again for old farts like me, the pot-related joke now goes – I don’t always roll a joint, but when I do it is my ankle!

From the movie Nightmare Before Christmas:

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