Legacy Vets’ Battleship Run

With the rainy forecast for yesterday, I initially figured that it was gonna be a long, slow day at the hacienda Buzzy’s. However, as another proof that if you keep your expectations low, you will often be surprised at how good things eventually turn out, it was a great Buzzy’s spring day both business and weather-wise.

Buzzy’s Country Store hosted its first Battleship Run which is a variation on the Poker Run format. It was sponsored by the Maryland Viet Nam Vets Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club:

From Their FB page

A couple of the Club’s members set up earlier in the afternoon and then hosted over 50+ bikers who popped in at what was their 4th stop on the run. From Buzzy’s, they then headed up to the Hole in the Wall for their 5th and final stop. This was an exchange on their FB site discussing their route:

I would try and explain just what a Battleship Run is versus a Poker Run but I never did quite suss all that out. Maybe with the next one held at Buzzy’s I’ll pay more attention to and make better notes about what a Battleship Run involves.

My thanks to the Maryland Vets and all their members who dropped into Buzzy’s. It made for a very fun and upbeat afternoon.

As for having no expectations, check out this bluegrass version of the Stones’ original. Kinda hard to imagine that a blue grass take would rock more than the Stones’ version, but see if you don’t agree with me that it does. (Note that if 10 minutes is too long a time to spend on this for you, drop in at the 7:00 mark for the Holly Bowling solo and the song’s conclusion to check it out.)

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