Some South County Events (I Heard There Was a Secret Chord)

Hopefully the weather will cooperate for a couple of events scheduled today at Pt. Lookout State Park and St. Mary’s College:

My Alma Mater St. Mary’s College has the following event(s) scheduled:

Note that Women’s lacrosse game begins at noon today followed by the Men’s game at 3:00.

Tomorrow yiu can bring the kiddies down to the Ridge Firehouse and let them play some bingo:

Meanwhile today and tomorrow at Buzzy’s Country Store we won’t be playing any lacrosse nor bingo, but we will be breaking a sweat opening up some cold beers and cleaning up afterwards by tossing the empties in the recycle bin.

Music-wise, I caught the excellent Leonard Cohen Hallelujah movie on Netflix last night. Worth a look even if you do hear the Hallelujah tune played repeatedly particularly the first verse. Fortunately it is a great tune and you really don’t get tired of hearing it. (Well, you do maybe a tad wrt that first verse. For a song with like a 100 verses to choose from, you would think that they could have slipped a couple other samples into the mix occasionally!) All that said, check out Eric Church nailing it here at Red Rocks:

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