On Line Reviews

In today’s environment, businesses have enough to deal with baseline starting with a severe shortage of help. (Quick aside here, regarding labor shortages and our ongoing immigration problem/mess with all those folks wanting to come here and work, sure seems that that should be a fixable problem does it not?)

On top of all the issues that businesses are forced to deal with on a daily basis there is now a modern phenomena known as “on line reviews” whereby a dissatisfied customer can crank out a complaint about this or that and post it for all the world to see. Businesses owners, who already have enough problems to contend with, now find themselves having to deal with and respond to online complaints that can ultimately hurt them financially (click here for related article.)

Thus, I had to smile when I saw how this restaurant responded to a complaint someone posted about them:


Way to go Pudsey! I like it. (However, “Mind reading the stupid” does kinda go with being in business.)

Fortunately, I don’t have this problem with my Buzzy patrons who are pretty up front about letting me know and telling me to my face what they do and don’t like. I don’t need any online search engine to let me know what my people think.

Buzzy often said that Rule #1 in business was to keep the customer satisfied. There is even a song about it. (I think Buzzy said it before these boys though.)

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