Twos on Tuesday

With the Buzzyblog being a daily blog, it can sometimes be a chore coming up with something interesting to say everyday. However, the irony is that for reasons I can’t quite explain, the Twofer Tuesday entry is probably the easiest to do. How can finding two things to pass along surpass finding one? Maybe the odds are doubled?

Check these dynamic duos out then:

David’s Dogs at Buzzy’s:

Two Spellings:

Two Classic Cars at Buzzy’s this past Sunday:

Whether to serve red or white wine:

Roxann Pilkerton and Larry Eberhard in Friendly Tavern:

Two behind Buzzy’s counter – Daughter Reagan and me:

And check out two real Rock Stars in a bar:

Note that my initial plan was to do a series of “Two in a Bar” photos so I’ll work on that for another Tuesday.

Mentioning U2 can only mean one thing right? Here is some music from them:

In case you are wondering, Sphere is a new neato spoleto, state-of-the-art concert venue in Vegas set to open in a couple months (click here.)

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