OK, I’ll Give You Three Stephs

If you are an old fart like me, you may recall the “What’s My Line” quiz show back in the day (click here if not.) Panelists would try to guess the occupation i.e. line of work of a contestant on the show. Each show would have a celebrity “mystery guest” where the panelists were blindfolded and asked questions to try and figure out who it was (click here and go to the 11:00 mark for a mystery guest who will surprise you that she appeared on the show.)

Today then, here is a modern day Buzzyblog version of that show for you. It consists first of a little brain teaser for you – guess what these three ladies all have in common: Stephanie Courtney, Stephanie Clifford and Stephanie Germanotta? The answer is that they are all Stephs who have a famous nickname. I’m betting that you don’t recognize any of them by these, their real names.

However, I am also laying odds that you will immediately know them by their more famous nick names. So, take a minute, have another cup of coffee, think about it and after you give up trying to identify them, click on their links to reveal their nicknames.

And speaking of Ms. Stephanie Clifford, there is this which also sets up the following Classics IV song/video for you:)

Dennis Yost was the lead singer. As far as I know, he and Melvin were not related.

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