Potpourri Monday

Holy Week right? Let’s prepare accordingly by doing a little spring cleaning and clearing out of some things that I have been saving for a day such as this: one where I don’t really have any one thing to pass along.

First up, some pot-related humor Republican style when they were flummoxing around trying to elect a Speaker:

Next – a couple other digestibles that go well together:

And speaking of good recipes, check out this one for a Lifetime movie:

Now throw in a little driving instructor humor to get your motor running:

And since I started by saying it was the beginning of Holy Week, here is a little, as in VERY little, humor from the Pope who has received a lot of publicity for his stating the obvious as he left the hospital Saturday. Maybe they should have just released some white smoke from the hospital’s chimney. Or maybe, Pope Frank just needs some new joke writers.

CMT Awards last night and Jelly Roll won big. (Note that he is such a big boy to being with, anything he does is gonna be big.)

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