Twofer Tuesday: Nils – Solo and Grin

Seeing Nils Lofgren on stage at Capital One Arena with Bruce and the rest of the E Street Band last week, reminded me of seeing Nils years ago when he and his brother played at the Belvedere Restaurant/Bar/Hotel in 1997. Thanks to the Enterprise’s John Wharton, there was this article discussing Nils and that show:

Nils’ reference to selling that Live CD at his shows made me dig out my copy that I purchased from him that night at the Belvedere.

And yes, at that Belvedere show Nils performed his most well known solo tune (below.) (OK, I know that Nils’ musical intervention message to his guitar hero may have had little influence on the boy, but Keith is still around and still rockin’. Who knows exactly how that karma thing does/doesn’t work?

Local music buffs know that Nils earned his initial brush with rock fame as the founding member of the D.C.-based band Grin. When they met and hooked up with Neil Young at the Cellar Door one night, that resulted in the formation of Neil’s backup group Crazy Horse.

I’ve got a Grin album stashed in a milk crate in my attic somewhere but am too lazy to try and find it. I do remember listening to this tune quite a lot however.

And speaking of telling white lies, there is something going down later this afternoon that will be on the television at Buzzy’s Country Store. Swing by and you can forever say that you remember exactly where you were – in Buzzy’s sipping a cold one – when the first Prez ever was indicted for bribing a porn star. You can’t make this stuff up can you? Maybe Nils should do an encore song “Don, Just Go.”

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